We ship Habitat Rock daily via UPS Ground (Fedex upon request) and various truck freight carriers all over the US and Canada. Regionally, we use H&H Express, MTS Freight and Montana Air Cartage. We have great freight rates in place throughout the lower 48 states and Canada with all major truck freight companies. We negotiate our shipping rates often in an effort to keep them as low as possible. We don’t profit on shipping.

For orders of 3 or more large panels, we routinely run a truck freight quote to see if we can save you money shipping your order whole on a pallet versus broken up in a box for UPS Ground. We typically start to see savings using truck freight over parcel services when shipping 3 or more large panels.

Shipping Via Truck Freight:

Residential Delivery: Freight carriers charge a fee for delivering to residential addresses. If your shop is at your residence or in a residential area – expect a residential fee. If you would like to avoid this fee, we recommend shipping to a commercial address.

Lift Gate: Freight carriers charge a fee for using a lift gate at delivery. If you require a lift gate to offload a pallet at your shop – expect a lift gate fee.

Orders for two or more shops:

Take advantage of our quantity discounts by ordering with a friend or two. We are happy to facilitate a group order to help you take advantage of quantity discounts and get the most for your shipping dollar.

Shipping to Alaska:

The most economical way to get Habitat Rock to Alaska is via Alaska Air Cargo.  We can use USPS for deliveries to AK but we are very limited in terms of the parcel size they will accept. We can get more product to you at a better price using Alaska Air.

Shipping to Canada:

We recommend using truck freight services for shipping to Canada. We have great rates in place for most Canadian provinces.  When we’re shipping to Canadian customers, we will need your Customs Brokerage information and the contact person you work with at that brokerage.

Other options for shipping to Canada include USPS, however, we are very limited in terms of parcel size and they are quite expensive.

Some Canadian customers ask us to ship to border storage facilities to be held for pick up at their convenience.

International Shipping:

Shipping Habitat Rock beyond the US and Canada can be done but it can be expensive. We are limited to USPS for small quantities (boxes no larger than 21x21x21) and container shipping for large quantities.